Syato-atomura101, 534-1, Shimorokogatacho, Kyoto Shi Shimogyo Ku, Kyoto Fu, 600-8059, Japan




A 5-minute walk from Keihan Shimizu Gojo Station

Cross the bridge from Exit 3 of Keihan Shimizu Gojo Station and follow Gojo Dori.

Along the way, the intersection with Kawaramachi also goes straight. After passing the intersection, you will see the building of Excel Human.

If you go straight ahead, you can see the Times sign on the left hand side, the Ashiyamachi Street.

Turn right at Ashiyamachi Dori and walk about 3 minutes from there, you will see the hotel sign on the right.



7 minutes walk from Gojo Subway Station

One subway station from Kyoto Station. From Gojo Subway Station Exit 1, go straight on Gojodori.

You can see Daikokudrak and Lawson on the left hand side.

Turn left at Ashiyamachi Dori, and you can see the destination Marugott Hotel within 3 minutes on foot.